Yu-t(d)ofu is a (very) simple Japanese healthy comfort food for cold winter evenings  when you just want something easy and healthy to warm you up.   It’s super easy to make.  It’s basically tofu boiled in a pot (nabe) served with soy sauce or ponzu as a dipping sauce.  Adding grated ginger, green onions and daikon is a great way to boost the flavor and health benefits!  Tofu (soybean) is fantastic if you’re looking to add more plant-based protein to your diet. Continue reading



Hello there! HOW – ARE – YOU? It’s been a year. Wow.  I’m so glad to be back! I missed you! I hope you survived the crazy heat wave (we experienced what seems to be an eternal heat wave in Southern Cali) and enjoying the crisp cool evenings that’s finally upon us.  It’s nice to finally be able to sleep through the night.  My body is telling me, its ready to start slowing down Continue reading

Hot Water Bottle


It’s been colder than a witches teat.  (I always wanted to use this phrase somewhere lol!)  I feel.  I’m probably over exaggerating but you have to remember, I’m a Southern Californian.  50 is COLD.  NOTE: I started writing this when it was really 50 outside.  Now it’s 80. So unpredictable. Let’s just go with the flow on this one.  Continue reading

Slowing Down


Ah…Fall is here.  Isn’t this the best time of the year?  Even though it’s close to 80 degrees here in SoCal, the cool evenings are quickly moving in.  In nature, squirrels scurry around for nuts and berries, land tortoises cut back on their food intake, (the reason I know this is because I had a pet tortoise back in the day .. it somehow never did come out of hibernation… ) and bears fatten themselves in preparation for the long winter months.  Continue reading



So… I need to be honest.  It’s been a while since I posted anything on my blog…. It wasn’t that I was uninterested or passionateness, I was bored.  My brain was static.  I was unmotivated, I was unhappy.  I was in a toxic environment for too long and it drained my spirit, energy, and well being down a dark spiral.  I was stuck for a very long time, and I felt like a zombie.  I wasn’t excited about anything, had absolutely no will to do the things I loved, and felt depressed and sad.  I ate clean, and made my own meals, but yet had digestion issues (still trying to figure that out), anxiety, difficult focusing, dizziness, and felt debilitated.  I had difficulty breathing which took me to the ER.  But of course I was perfect on paper.

The mind and body connection is real.  When you feel stuck in a place where you don’t quite feel aligned, connected, valued, or trusted, whether it’s work, home, or relationships, sooner or later the stress will be apparent in every single cell of your body and will manifest as a physical ailment.  Your energy channels will be blocked, you will have poor circulation, and you will start to feel unbalanced.

So, after a good heart to heart with myself, I decided I needed to move forward.  I was tired of feeling sick.  I couldn’t make myself get up in the morning.  I was done.  So I quit my job.  (Can I get an applause?) I needed to be Grace again.  I needed to make a change.  I need to live my passion and be happy.  I know it will take a while to “detox” from all of the toxicity that has built up inside me over the years.  But that’s ok.  I’m giving myself time.  One yoga pose at a time.

So this post is called “Gratitude”.  I send out my biggest hugs to all of my friends who have supported me, encouraged me, texted me to tell me it was okay to take a break.  A MONSTROUS GRATITUDE.  You mean so much to me.  Thank you for your unconditional love, I LOVE YOU SOOOO MUCH!!!! You know who you are.  Just the other day this card popped into my mailbox (photo above).  The person who sent me this  is the most kindest, generous person everrrrr and I can’t thank her enough for such a timely card.  (MH – you rock!)

Here’s to new beginnings, exciting times, laughter, and lots of hugs and an overall healthy and happy future!!!

Thank you so much to all that have followed my blog! I look forward to sharing much more with you more frequently.  (Now that I’m unemployed, I better keep up).

Cheers & Sayonara-

Eat with love,